Summer Solstice Spread / Legung zur Sommersonnenwende

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Spread „Farewell my pet!“

 DSC_3377Losing a pet can be very hard. I have created this spread when I had to say goodbye to one of my beloved cats and tried to find a way to understand the loss. Of course, this spread can also be used if you have to say good bye from a person. Shuffle the cards and take eight. Spread them as shown in the image below. 

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Artikel von Tarotpedia nun auch auf Russisch

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Playing cards are online now!

-1307220956Dear visitor of this site, I am glad to announce that the meaning of the playing cards are online now! A Spanish version will also follow soon.

Follow the links to find:

Please note that this site will constantly grow. In the near future also a detailled introduction will follow. 🙂

Spread: „How well do we fit together“ ~ Legesystem: „Wie gut passen wir zusammen?“

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Today I would like to show you a spread with which you can bring a  light in your relationship. This spread is helpful if you want to ask about the chances and risks in a relationship, it also reveals hidden influences or energies. And, finally, it will show you what both partners are thinking. Draw eleven cards and spread them as follows:  Heute möchte ich Ihnen eine  Legemethode zeigen, die Beziehungen klarer macht. Dieses Legesystem eignet sich sehr gut, um die Chancen und Risiken in einer Partnerschaft zu hinterfragen. Sie beleuchtet auch versteckte Einflüsse oder Energien in einer Beziehung und zeigt auf, was beide Partner voneinander denken. Es sind 11 Karten zu ziehen, die wie folgt ausgelegt werden:
 1.       What the questioner finds attractive in the other person

2.       What the questioner does not know about the other person (but should know)

3.       How the other person sees the questioner.

4.       What the other person does not see

5.       Where both fit together

6.       Where both  do not fit together

7.       The possibilities of a  (longer-term) relationship with the person

8.       How you can strengthen and improve these possibilities (7)

9.       The challenges or obstacles in this relationship

10.   How the obstacles can be minimized or eliminated

11.   Next step, next experience



1.       Was der/die Fragende am anderen anziehend findet

2.       Was der/die Fragende über die andere Person nicht weiß (aber wissen sollte)

3.       Wie die andere Person den Fragenden/die Fragende sieht

4.       Was die andere Person nicht sieht

5.       Wo beide Personen gut zusammenpassen

6.       Wo  beide Personen nicht zusammenpassen

7.       Die Möglichkeiten, eine (längerfristige) Beziehungen mit der anderen Person.

8.       Wie diese Möglichkeiten und Chancen  (7) gestärkt werden können

9.       Die Herausforderungen oder Hindernisse in dieser Beziehung

10.   Wie diese Hindernisse minimiert oder beseitigt werden können

11.   Nächster Schritt, nächste Erfahrung

Zusammenpassen-fittingtogether1 (1)


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Spread „Quick Overview“

LS-SchnellerUeberblickThis spread method gives an overview of the most important areas of life. In this example there are the most important topics “job” and “home”. Of course, this spread can be also extended by any other cards. Draw five cards as shown in the picture.

1 = Job/Work
2 = Home
3 = Unexpected
4 = Your personal role
5 = Outcome

I wish you good cards!

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